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Weird Gigs I’ve Had is a podcast hosted by Julie Mytka inspired by her interesting and unique experiences in theatre in Canada and Internationally!

In this episode, Julie interviews her husband, Avery Brown, about Dawson City, where they met and performed at “Diamond Tooth Gertie’s”. Enjoy this glimpse behind the scenes of theatre life in the Yukon! 

In episode two, Julie reconnects with Robyn Hillis and Mick Dunne about “The Vegas Show” a review style show that employed dozens of dancers over 17 years of shows in Ontario and the U.S.A.

Pictures from “Diamond Tooth Gertie’s” in Dawson City, Yukon. Julie Mytka picture top pictures on the left. Julie & Avery Brown at the piano bottom left picture (2002). 

Pictures from “Viva Las Vegas”, circa 1990’s & 2000’s. Julie Mytka pictured top left photo, third from the left and top right photo, third from the left. Robyn Hillis pictured bottom left photo in front. 

Weird Gigs I’ve Had Logo Final (2050 x 750 px)

Want to learn more about “Diamond Tooth Gertie’s” in Dawson City, Yukon? Click here for their website! 

Do YOU have a weird gig you want to share on the show? Contact Julie at [email protected] for details!