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Dancing on pointe is an exciting part of ballet and contemporary dance! 

There is so much to learn about the history of pointe shoes and their evolution to their modern day versions! There is also a lot advancement in the training that is specific to pointe. 

Check out this informative and inspiring page for everything pointe! 

When is a dancer ready for pointe?

Check out “The Perfect Pointe Book” by Lisa Howell. It’s a great guide for dancers and teachers, It includes tips and training exercises! 

There is also a really good article here that discusses dancer readiness for pointe.

Remember, there is no rush to get into pointe shoes! Having consistent technique is key! Dancers who are 11 years old and older can only start training when their teacher says they are ready! There are a number of physical factors to consider as well as the training intensity of the dancer (how often they attend class.) Starting pointe too early can cause issues and injuries. Trust in the training and wait until the time is right! 

Pointe shoes are made in all different sizes and colours, with specifications for a dancer’s needs. For example, dancers with strong feet might need a stronger shank, or dancers with flexible feet might need a higher vamp. Pointe shoe fittings should be done in-person with experts. 


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There is so much to learn and it’s always evolving!

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